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Life is constantly expanding and shrinking…

One day you dance with the waltz rhythm with joy, and the next you are shivering the strings of sadness. There is nothing changeless.

And when you learn not to resist it and receive all that happens with a grateful heart – you discover the peace so cherished and constantly sought. When you realize that even the fluttering of every tiny butterfly’s wing is part of the higher universe – you stop resisting and no longer oppose in the face of life as a reluctant child.

You rise above your desire to control everything and surrender to leading. And then feel how good it is not to be afraid of life. You stop worrying and travel keeping each other’s hands to make sure you always take care of each other on time.

It doesn’t matter anymore that you have all your wounds are washed by autumn or summer or by the snowflakes of winter. You smile at this world because you feel full.

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