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Pain is part of growth

Sometimes life closes its doors because it’s time to move on. And that’s fine because we often don’t change anything unless the circumstances force us to. When the hard times come, remind yourself that no pain comes without a purpose. Move as far away as possible from what gives you pain, but never forget the lesson it has given you.

Just because you are fighting does not mean that you are suffering. Every great success requires the fight to be fair. And good things take time. Try to remain patient and self-confident. Everything will work out, maybe not in a moment, but in the end, it will work out.

Remember there is pain that changes you. As you walk the path of life, instead of resisting it, help yourself endure it, understand its lesson, and move on.

After all, it is said not in vain “If the door closes, the window opens.” Pain is part of growth.

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  1. On the higher level of God though, there can be no pain, as all is only love.

    Pain is a lower level signpost, not needed where such signposts are not needed.

    Is this right, and if so why, do we need pain to grow? Do trees feel pain as they grow?

    God only loves, that said his creation can feel pain.

    What is pain but a feeling of separation from God’s love.

    Unnecessary at the deepest level, but in the lower echelons of life and physicality, pain is more warning you that you are leaving love, and have gone off the track into darkness.

    Pain is unnecessary, and not felt by love or your soul, but it is a mind tool to help you move past deviations from love, by pointing these out to you.

    A life of only love does not involve you in pain, as you are never in your mind to feel it, but always in your heart, looking on, working from there.

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