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Everything has its own harmony

There is also the joy of life when you are not looking for joy, it just comes from nowhere, from everywhere – it can be: a sunbeam penetrating through the leaves of a tree, a breeze, a smile of a child, sounds of the city or nature, a sense of closeness between people. And all of this, in the waves of beauty, goes by itself to any moment of your simple and peaceful life.

The world opens with its wonderful side when you are not looking for anything special when you are not impressed, you are not looking for happiness – it comes by itself. It comes by itself when you are calm inside, just admiring the world around you, watching the details and not looking for that beauty because it is everywhere and always.

Everything has its own harmony, let yourself just be open to life, silently feel, without assessing, and beauty will reveal itself to you. It comes from nowhere.

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