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Alphabet Crazy Challenge ~ Grapes, Autumn Superfood

Grapes, the fruit of the vine, which in the autumn delights us with its sweet berries is one of the oldest cultivated fruits. There are many varieties. Grape berries can be sweet or fruity. Grapes are one of the most widespread fruit species in the world because they are grown on all continents except Antarctica. Globally, grapes even exceed the total production of bananas, apples and oranges, but at least three quarters of the grapes are processed into wine. Grapes are a rich source of minerals, which is an indispensable nerve and brain food because of the phosphorus it contains and good bone and tooth food as it contains magnesium. Grapes have a very cleansing effect on the body as it has a positive effect on the function of the kidneys, urinary tract and intestines.

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    Do you like grapes?

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    Do you know the healing effects of grapes?

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  1. Love the picture (is this from the Vineyard you had shared before?)

    Grapes are a great food to enjoy! We do light lunches on the weekends, grapes are always a part of that.