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All is well with Virily

I read posts about showing concern about Virily.  I see no reason why anyone should be worried about the performance of this site. 

I joined on 3rd July 2019 and have chosen to post my payment statistics just to ensure users that all is well. 

No doubt a lot depends on users and their positive participation. Just post, share, respond and comment as much as you can and that is how you contribute to this great site. 

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Written by grace

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  1. Overall, I like Virily. They still pay and it is a nice community to publish our contents and interact with users. But, there are some issues chief among them communication from admin. It is an important element in any site like this and their contact page is broken, and their lack of responding to users’ questions or interacting with them.

    • Although many will say they are here for the interaction the moment the site stops paying the field will be empty. It happened at myLot. The site continued but they stopped paying and all those who were there for the interaction left without a trace (lol)

  2. You are always doing great at all sites. It’s really an asset for the sites to have you as a member. 🙂

    I haven’t been spending much time with Virily lately, I am happy to know it’s still doing well. Besides earning some extra money, it’s nice to have a place for us to share and interact with others. I am still catching up slowly with everything in my plate now. 😀

  3. Hope Virily Surpass mylot I see in alexa rank that virily Rank 39,000 which is Good mylot rank 20,000 and its online since 2005

    Its means VIRILY makings Lots of money from its members

    Before when virily Started its rank 400,000


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