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A Virily Experience From A Newbie

I have been on Virily for less than 48 hours now ( as of writing this post) While I am enjoying it, I have figured out a few things here.

This is the easiest place to write. Navigation is pretty easy and it isn’t very hard to figure out how the site works.

Badges come easily your way even as you are having fun.

You can earn here just having fun, though I am not sure how much I have made so far or the technicalities of how Virils are given.

Your photos are put to great use and they get to see the light of day.

It’s easy to make friends/followers even if you don’t know anyone here.

Approval is easy and fast, at least in the last two days.

You could easily get addicted to this site. I find it hard to stay away even though I have so much to do online.

This is my third day here and this was the first site I visited for the day.

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    Do you consider Virily a fun site?

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    As a newbie did you have trouble figuring out how it works?

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    Do you spend a lot of time on Virily?

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    Do you think posts are approved very quickly here?

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Written by Dawn

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  1. First, this is a stunning capture (the cover photo)…!!! :),
    and second…, I agree with everything you said, those are the main reasons why I liked and am enjoying the site too…! 😀 I am glad you like and enjoying it here, I am glad when new users come adding to the variety of this site and its content too…! 🙂

    When it comes to Virils you can go to the FAQ page and see “+How Virils are rearded”… Some of those things are changed but not updated unfortunately but you can always ask… You can also find some of those things in my articles about Virily…! 😉 🙂

  2. When I saw your first post, I know you will enjoy this site. Virily is a good platform and I appreciate the site because of the different types of post you can do as a member. As long as you have a lot of time, you will certainly earn here.

  3. Seeing that white plumeria or frangipani makes me curious about where you come from, but, no matter where you come from, you will find a lot of fun here. This community is very pleasant, like a family, supporting and respecting one another.

    So, welcome aboard, dear friend.

  4. It wasn’t too easy to figure out of it works.
    I started right away with something complex, such a quiz. 😄
    But yes, generally it’s very fun and addicting. I’m glad you’re enjoying your time here. 😊
    Posts have been approved quickly recently, but it has not always been the case, and I hope they’ll continue being approved fast. 🙂

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