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A Couple of Favorites

Browsing through my photo archives today. Searching for something different to share. I found a photo that is very special to me. Dustin enjoyed playing with the small matchbox cars. He had a box full of these cars. I have some displayed in my home.

Every time I went to the grocery store I would get him one. A special thing he and I had. He never asked for one, but he knew I would get one just the same.

These cars are only about two inches long. Very small. Some of them have lost their wheels. He played with them often and for a few years.

I would ask him which was his favorite. He never could decide. He had so many. These two in the photo I remember seeing a lot. So I am assuming they were at least two of his favorites. I know he liked Dale Earnhardt (Nascar driver) and that car is here somewhere.

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  1. Actually you just reminded me … I’ve collected such small cars when I was a kid … and then I collected cute erasers that are about 1-2cm wide …
    I collected quite a lot of things … lol

    These are good memories of Dustin …
    Thanks for the reminder … I went to “dig out” some small stuffs my mum bought for me …
    they’re precious 🙂

  2. Now with collections of such a small (iron) sports car collection of my great son playing my grandson. They are more than 20 years old.