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5 things to know about grapefruit

During the winter season, one of the most loved fruits is grapefruit. It is ideal for diets and boosting immunity. However, there are many interesting facts about this citrus that most people do not know.

It is loaded with Vitamin C

Imagine getting the full dose of vitamin C you need before your day starts. Only half of the grapefruit contains the dose needed for 24 hours. So it’s really worth adding this citrus to your morning menu. Whether you make it fresh, eat it with a spoon or sprinkle it with brown sugar as a pastry. Grapefruit is definitely a great winter breakfast.

Contains a lot of fiber

Fiber is the ingredient that keeps the body sated between meals. This makes the grapefruit very suitable for any meal. That way, you won’t have to eat snacks, cookies and any junk food.

Just add grapefruit to your breakfast, which does not mean you can write it off for lunch and dinner. The more the better. You can even add it to the salad. Surely a delicious combination will come!

Grapefruit juice has an effect on medicines

This is one of the facts you may not know. However, it is important to keep in mind that grapefruit juice can really have an effect on your treatment. It affects the activity of some medicines and increases the risk of overdose. It can also reduce the effectiveness of various medications. So if you are prescribed treatment, it is a good idea to consult your doctor about grapefruit consumption.

It contains very few calories

If you have chosen to eat grapefruits for diet, then this is a very good choice. And since calorie tracking is an important part of any diet, it’s a good idea to know how many calories your favorite citrus contains. Half a grapefruit contains only 40 calories. Combined with the fiber in its composition, this sweet fruit is perfect for adhering to any regimen. And the best part is that the grapefruits contain absolutely no fat.

Also contain Vitamin A

Vitamin A is essential for the immune system and is an antioxidant that fights free radical damage that can lead to a number of health problems, including cancer. Each half of grapefruit contains more than 300 IU of this nutrient. This means that along with one apple a day, it’s good to eat half a grapefruit.

The picture was taken in Diana’s garden, where I work and have a lot of citrus flowers.

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      • We can actually grow grapefruit here and used to drink it regularly as a hot drink in winter, I watered mine down a lot because I cant have concentrated sugar or grapefruit but it really does help ward off colds.
        We also used to cut a grapefruit in half, then section it off with a sharp knife and sprinkle sugar every it and eat that for breakfast.

        Another use, Mum used to cut the grapefruit in half and put it on a tray and use small toothpicks to put a lump of meat cheese and pickle or fruit on the toothpick for parties. It always looked goo.

  1. Fascinating facts. I knew some of these but not all of them. Great subject for a blog. I like grapefruit juice and usually have a glass of it for breakfast in the morning. I am not that keen on eating the whole fruit raw though.

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