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Each moment that lies in front of us is a compilation. A connection to the things we used to know. When my kids were little I sang two songs to them. One I shared as part of Song Saturday and one I sang at my  — a wedding and posted it on my podcast (here). My wife and I both read to the kids before bed, but I love to sing. When we moved from our last apartment to our first house in Cincinnati Ohio, I was inspired to sing to my daughter as she was calming down for bed. For a long time, I sang the Peter, Paul and Mary song 500 miles. It was a tradition right before my daughter would fall asleep. Now at some point, I was playing around with a song I wrote and sang that after 500 miles.

My daughter determined that was “her song.” At first, at night I tried to stick to the one song and then bed. But my daughter kept asking for “her song.” At first, she asked my wife and me, but after a while, it was only me. I sang that song to her each night until she was around six years old. When the twins were born I asked my daughter may I sing your song to the twins. She said that was fine with her. Now sometimes when the twins were little, my daughter would joy me (the twins went to bed much easier than their older sister). Sometimes it was just me. I included both versions of the song as part of my podcast, and it is shared at the link in the first part of the post. Also at the bottom.

It is a part of our shared past that always makes me happy. I am, now, no longer allowed to sing either 500 miles or the moon song to the kids. Thye says “stop singing that song dad, you are making me tired.” I guess that song has achieved its goal. It was written to clam the kids down before bedtime so that they could drift happily off to sleep. The other goal of the moon song was to let my daughter originally and later the twins as well, know what was going on the next day. I missed the days when I was allowed to sing that song and 500 miles out loud. I do sometimes sing songs when I am alone. I did also sing the Moon Song with an ending themed version for my daughter’s wedding.

Songs I sang to my kids


the Moon song (here).

a good friends son!

hum she is squishing me


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