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wander project our daughter (t-minus 9 days)

Our daughter was born in Cincinnati Ohio, as were the twins. Our daughter was born in University Hospital on the campus of the University of Cincinnati. University Hospital is famous, and it is the front of the hospital shown in the longtime TV show General Hospital.  The first day she was in this world I walked around the hospital ward with her. She went back to the nursery about 1 in the morning. My poor wife was exhausted. So my daughter and I walked around the hospital ward. That was an important bonding event that I will never forget. We took her back to our apartment, we were as I’ve mentioned living right behind Kings Island (an amusement park in Cincinnati Ohio) at that time.

One of the things about our daughter is she is resilient. When she was seven months old we moved from Maineville Ohio (near Kings Island) to Western Hills and our first house. When our daughter was about six we moved from Western Hills to Mt. Airy. Then moving again from Mt. Airy to Indianapolis Indiana and finally moving one last time from Indiana to Maryland. Traveling is one thing. You take your stuff with you in a bag and leave home, but you are still coming home. When you move, you are taking your life with you. Our daughter was always good about finding a way to cope and making sure her little brothers were ok with what was happening.

The measure of a person is not what they know. It is not how fast they run. It is not how far they throw a ball. The measure of a person is how they operate under stress. What they do to help others move forward. The story for today is the story of Pickles the Fire Cat. I read that book to my daughter 100 times. I know as a former teacher I should have read it 101 times, but I have snarky enough in me that I couldn’t. So I modified the book, I won’t say how I retold the story it isn’t something appropriate in the modern world (it was about how pickles got other cats out of a tree). But,I was banned and am banned from reading that book around to this day. My wife came home, and our daughter told her “Dabo read the book wrong.”


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  1. …”The measure of a person is how they operate under stress. What they do to help others move forward.”

    These words are so true Doc. A powerful message everyone should read. Great memories as well.


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