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A walk, or in our house the walk we take every day. Each day we make sure the Labs get exercise. Maryland has dog laws, two that impact us and two that aren’t critical. The first is the leash law. Dogs that are not in a house or fenced yard must be on a leash. The other impactful rule is you have to pick up dog poop when it isn’t in your yard. You are required to keep your yard somewhat clean as well (if you leave stuff in the yard for months, they will cite you.) the other two are dog lenses (which are three years) and mandatory Ravies vaccines (the first and the second are related, with the new 3-year Rabies vaccines that mean your dog license is 3 years in length as well.

The Labs are ready for the walk, every single day. If I am working at home, Dylan starts pushing for a walk around 1 pm.  If Dylan thought he could push for early morning walks, he would do so every single day. Our walk starts at our house, and we wander down our street. Our street ends four or five houses after our house in the greenway we walk by every day. But, the street runs the length of our neighborhood. Our end of the street ends. The other end also ends, but it ends in the Condominiums on the other side of the main drag.  We walk to the street that connects our street to the main drag of Germantown Maryland (aptly named Germantown Road).

We then turn left and head uphill to the fire station. When Dylan joined our family, now seven years ago, he started walking with me. He and I would walk all over the area where we lived. We had long walks and short walks. As Dylan has gotten old he can’t walk as far as he used to, but the walk is still his thing. Raven is also a huge walk fan. It is her favorite activity every day. When Raven joined our family, the deal with the twins was that she had to be walked every day. There was a lot of grumbling about that the first couple of years, but now we’ve settled into a steady-state, less complaining. Raven doesn’t like to walk when it is hot, so we end up walking slower ni the heat.

  1. It appears that someone has been trimming the trees. (My husband wants you to know he doesn’t like it when I see a wander where you might be doing work – he is worried I will ask him to do some.

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  1. Love your walking photos. I have been a cat person all my life and now I am considering adopting another cat. However, I hardly get out at all because I feel safe and comfortable in my little apartment. I am now thinking that perhaps a lap dog might be the answer because it would get me out and walking at least twice a day.

  2. You know I haven’t done this since I have had Luna. A neighborhood walk. I bet she would love it. I should do this since it’s been too hot to hike. I will take pictures too. I didn’t know you lived that close to the main drag. I love Germantown. Pretty little town for sure. I used to pass through on my way to the black hills preserve.

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