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Wander project memories of hiking with my father

How far is the furthest you’ve ever walked in a single day? I am thinking about a hike my father had us take when I was in scouting. Dad was our pack leader for a year. He planned all sorts of interesting hikes during that year. One of the hikes we went on was one that dad found out about from one of his students. It was along a ridge in Brown Country, Indiana. The ridgeline, I apologize I do not remember the name of the ridgeline, wandered along the edge of the state park (Brown County State Park) and private land.

Dad had called and gotten permission for us to walk on the private land. We were going to walk along the ridgeline for 6 to 7 miles and then basically walk back to the cars. We had two other adults with us for a total of 3 cars to fit the entire troop. We were in search of something my father thought would be of interest to a bunch of 14-year-old boy scouts. We had packed with water, lunch, and snacks. Dad had his camera, and we headed off into the wood on our expedition.

It was at about 2 hours into the hike (roughly 4 miles in) that we came across a herd of deer. By came across I mean that while we were walking the trail, we woke the deer up, and the entire herd, one buck and eight or so do and maybe four fawns jumped across the trail we were on. I have seen deer many times, but that was the first time, that close and with a buck very angry staring at us. We trekked on for another couple of hours (including lunch) and arrived at a building.

It was a simple building, but my dad took us to the plague at the base it said erected by the CCC completed June 1933. The CCC was part of the WPA, which is how President Franklyn Delano Roosevelt helped the US out of the great depression.

WPA – works progress administration

CCC – civilian conversation corp

why can't i have a fishing rod like the other kids?

something to say about his sister

The way we are (well close)

The way we were.


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  1. To answer your first question, the furthest I have walked within 24 hours is 50 miles. It was when I was a volunteer at a home for juvenile delinquents – about 50 years ago! We set off around 2pm, walked 25 miles, camped overnight, then set off early in the morning to walk the return leg. All the kids (aged 13-15) made it, as did the staff, including me!

  2. Very interesting hike. I will always remember while at a friend’s camp, my dog Tasha stood face to face with a deer as I was watching not too far away. Tasha and the deer just sniffed each other and then both crossed paths and went about their merry way… I do not think she ever came across a turtle…


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