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Wander project humans are animals…

Within each of us lies seawater, the composition of which is millions of years old. As if we, humans, are insulated from nature. There is an adage that within each of us, there are two dogs. Which one will win? The one we feed, of course. It wins the war of attrition. But we are despite our protestations and our placards animals. We are in a Phila and an order. The scientist has placed us in a family. Our relatives often have more hair than we do (well at more than I do).  But from we burst forth. The two dogs are wrestling for control.  It’s funny because sometimes in moments of disillusion people will proclaim, “I am not an animal.” They are animal.

But humans come to change the meaning. Animal means you have no manners. Look at him, eat like an animal. Well, yes, thank you. I am an animal. The separation between me and the natural world was created by humans. I love inside a box. It is a climate-controlled box that has many ways of egress. There are places of comfort they sit and watch the world go by. The sun, rising in the east lights the back deck. To see the sunset you have to traverse the house to the other side. To the front, he screams as the sun dips below the horizon. Missed it, he says sadly; it will come again tomorrow! Different but the same, scientifically the only variance is what is between you and the sun.

We are animals. They are us. We live separate of animals. We hire pest control and spray for bugs. Is that a mouse? Put out traps quickly; we cannot have mice here. They are not the cousins of Mickey. Mickey can talk, and in talking, he would tell those pesky rodents to go home. Even though for most of them, the fields that were their homes are now houses. We live in the splendor of the natural world without being part of it. We sit in chairs on glass-bottom boats, and we watch the world go by. We are not animals we are humans.  You can count on one hand, the animals that kill for sport. You don’t even need your thumb for this exercise. We are one of those animals.  

I wonder. We live in nature until it is in our way, then we raise Cats to flatten what doesn’t fit our view.


What do you think?

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Written by DocAndersen

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  1. We are homo sapiens from the kingdom of animals. Animals cannot choose to change their lifestyle, but people can so we can become less animal than we are by nature. I love philosophy what actually is a human and what is his purpose on teh Earth. Socrates has given a human definition: it is an animal walking on two legs. It is logical to name a person as a certain type of animal (zoological), but we can cross it out with specific characteristics: Spirit, Mind, Morality. It is these qualities – and not the zoological classification – that makes a person a human, not animal.

    • It was your post the other day that trigged my thinking of this. Thanks for the inspiration and i love your comment.

      it is true that we are of the animals, sad that sometimes we believe we are above the animals.

  2. Wonderful photos. I am learning a lot about the differences between humans and animals now that I have the mom and her four kittens living here. Cat mom Oreo lays down and one of her babies meows to be with mom. I put the kitten on the table and put Oreo there too. She spends about two minutes with the happy kitten and then goes off by herself again. The kitten runs after her. You can’t reason with a cat mom but a human mom would take the time to be with her child.

    • Interesting thoughts – did you know that baby whales, baby elephants and other higher mammals are born like human babies?

      That they exist for 1-2 years in the protection of their mother?

      Higher-order animals all protect and nurture their young.

    • yes Egypt worshipped cats. In Thailand, the Siamese cat guarded the royal treasure. In the legend of the king’s cats, the Siamese cats with the kinks in their tails (wrapped around the king’s treasure) were the descendants of the royal guardian cats!

  3. Very nice post. And all the while Buddha is watching. We should probably go with the trend toward respecting life, and other animals … each other included.
    The cats in Venice seem to be lucky – no cars anywhere so they can relax but the cat living here in your post may have found enlightenment. .


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