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Are there words that leap off the page. Thoughts that jumbled in our heads find us both open and closed at the same time. We are less a compilation and more a composite. We are more a collection of things that were, things that are, and sometimes in the quiet things that will be. We are the composite of those things brought into a single solitary essence. But we are so much more as well. We are larger than us but smaller than us. In that, we represent the reality of the community, but we are also independent of the community. It is not an easy thing for us this separation. It is something that all of us struggle with. Who am I beyond the group I am in, but then also who am I in the group I am in?

It becomes part of us, this journey. We learn quickly that there are those focused on self only. While focusing on the self is not evil, it is bad. Bad in the sense that everything revolves around that person. Topics of conversation come back to I planted that in my garden. I grew that in my garden. I have that in my yard. That is something I do. I spent my time focused on this. Regardless of the conversational opener the conversation always returns to them. We learn that there are those people in the world and we do not avoid them; we sometimes smile as they stand on the street shouting “look at me, look at me.” But they are speed bumps on the road we travel, nothing more.

We slow and look, but we don’t stay long. They have no energy to return to us. They only take energy from us. We are energy transporters at times, consuming and yet releasing. We learn to, over time avoid those who bring conversations back to them. Instead, we seek those who enlighten us or lighten our load. Making it easier for us to shoulder our burden. We are part of the whole, but always remember that we must exist without the whole. We are energy seekers. It wraps around us a concept of energy creation, sharing and then cons7umption. We try ever to find a mix. Yes, we stop at the speed bump, the person who reminds us that they have done that better than us. We do stop because we are human.

But what we are seeking is no speed bumps.

We are seeking a way to return the favor. To take what we are given and pay it forward. To be separated from the community but to be in the community as well.

Yes, we stop at speed bumps. But in the end, they are nothing more than momentary pauses. 

memories of parades from the past


my daughter, underwater~

fran, trying to escape


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Written by DocAndersen

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  1. Amazing photos and those words are very true.
    I think of my life giving a lot every day and there are people who take my energy.
    I don’t mind but I get tired. The garden the chores and the things to be done..

    I find I have a very heavy responsibility and people depend on me. It is life

  2. A composite. Way to describe it but, yes, we are but memories with physical body and mind.

    I dunno what to say exactly because I like hearing stories of other people. As long as the story is not the same, I do not tire of listening especially if told in funny way.

      • Personally, when I post an article, the best comment for me is when I get the reader/commenter to relate his/her own story to mine (yep, I remember their stories too). And that means shifting the focus from my post to the reader. I do not need people telling me if I got it right or wrong. Because it is my POV and I am not looking for approval.

        So, generally, I like people, authors or readers, who share their stories or connect their stories to mine. See, there are, for example, many blogs that will talk about Denmark. But why would I choose to read yours? Simply because you are a virtual face I know and I have seen, albeit virtually, different facets of that person (teacher, poet, tech, father, husband, dog walker, boatman, etc). Let us say, I like putting a soul to the writer of the post or comment. So, yeah, they can talk, I can interact 😉

        • For me tone is also important. There are people who make every comment about themselves (I have done this in my garden, and it worked perfectly) in response to someone saying I am trying to grow XYZ flower and I cannot. The response above would be ok, if that was an occasional response. But when the author in question only responds like that it is a problem.

  3. Great post, dear friend … I didn’t completely understand certain things because of the translation, but basically I understood it well … I think sometimes I’m too eavesdropped and in some ways we are egoists …. I was always willing to help only most often for that …. the word THANK YOU would mean a lot to me

  4. Great way to word your message here. And I agree. Things have never been about me in life. Lived for my son, always doing for others. Even today I am helping my blind cousin find a home. Many things in life come and go, as do people. We need to step out of our box and help others. Retrain our brains!

    • I love helping people. I do it all the time here and IRL. But when someone bites my head off or worse when I try to help, I avoid that person here.

      I made that mistake with one user and tried twice to resolve it. In the end, it wasn’t going to work.

      I am the Captain of my ship! I try to spend as much time giving as I can. I am not at your level though!

  5. I suppose it comes down to the fact that we need other people in our lives, but there are times when we would do much better if they weren’t actually there!

    It is important to remember that we are also helps or hindrances to other people, and they regard us in a very similar way to how we regard them.

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