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of the tokens we collect and when not careful the tokens we lose

Seeking tokens to exchange, we find ourselves missing too much. Let the angry tokens go. They bind us to things that are no longer. To things that have not, do not exist outside of who and what we are. Remember and rejoice in the tools you find along the way. Each time we examine the tokens around us seeking meaning. Seeking to grow as people.

Anger is the token we most fear. Some carry their angry tokens with them year after year. They lock them in a room they built in their heart, and slowly over time, the room is filled. The tokens of anger pushing against the door, against the walls until they burst back out into the wild, and we have to stop. We cannot catch them again with butterfly nets.

We must let them go. Each token must be released to freely return to the moment from which it came, the anger dissipating until it is no more. Some tokens are not angry. They are the ones we must be careful of.  We keep them close as they represent a moment we cherish. But we must always be vigilant that we do not let those happier weigh us down as well.

Each token must be recalled and then released into the wild so as not to create chains. So as not to weigh us down to where all we do is wander this earth, bound to the tokens, we could not let go of — limited by our pain. Letting go makes us stronger. You see, in the end, we are more than simply a collection of tokens. Let those go to be free!


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