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First Lighthouse of Cape Cod

I love Lighthouses! They are beautiful structures; each one different than the next. Before heading back to Yarmouth we made a stop in Truro to see Highland Lighthouse. The view was breathtaking. I stood in awe of this majestic, peaceful tower. Originally built in 1797 George Washington established the lighthouse to protect ships from harmful storms. It then underwent several changes -upgrades and the wooded structure became brick and lantern that burned whale oil eventually changed to electrical. The current structure, built in 1857 is shown in this photo.


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  1. Amazing… If you love lighthouse then I’m sure you are the one who sticks to the principles! The lighthouse is a symbol of direction for safety, and rigidity in the face of a storm. It’s not he who has to shift when dealing with any power but vice versa.

  2. cool. I recently visited Portland Maine – the lighthouse is the most photographed in America and is stunning. I took several photos. I also took a photo of a lighthouse that was about a mile out to see – I think it must have been the original lighthouse!

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