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Bled is one of the oldest and most beautiful tourist destinations in Slovenia

Bled is a settlement along Lake Bled, it belongs to the oldest and most beautiful tourist destinations in Slovenia. It lies at an altitude of 507.7 m, in the midst of a vibrant, glacier-shaped landscape, at the transition from the Radovljica basin to the eastern foothills of the Julian Alps. From the early Middle Ages Bled was the name for the feudal estate, which included the area between Sava Dolinka and Savo Bohinjko. Today’s urban settlement originates from the villages of Grad, Mlino, Recica, Zagorice and Zelece, which are arranged around the lake, separated by a number of independent elevations (Grad 599 mnm, Straza, Kozarca 558 mnm, Osojnica 756 mnm and Ravnica 729 mnm) began to emerge in the middle of the 19th century. Bled got the status of town in 1960.

The lake, which is 2.12 km long and wide from half to 1 km, has a pleasant warm summers in the summer, suitable for swimming, which heats up to 25 ° C on the surface and maintains the proper temperature (up to 18 ° C) until autumn. In the coldest winter, the lake freezes.


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