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Lake Waters – Nature Tuesday & Just For Fun

Here’s another photo from the Plitvice Lakes National Park in Croatia. I have written about it many times before, take a look

Here’s a fun video of a guy who dives in water and returns the item he finds there to their owners. As someone who has lost a lot of things in the water before, I find it heartwarming. 

  • Have you lost something while swimming in the water?

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  1. The video was fun! i got an ROV to find things on the bottom of lakes. Mostly because I’ve lost a few things in the water over the years.

    somewhere in the water of Lake Lemon near Bloomington Indiana is my first cell phone lost off the side of the boat!

  2. That looks like a very peaceful lake and setting. It’s beautiful. I once lost my glasses diving in river to rescue my kids. All 3 of mine and 1 niece went under with a rip current. All were fine though. God is good. I’d rather have my kids vs. my glasses!


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