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White Sand

The secret of the white sand.  The white sand comes from the Apalachicola River, 130 miles east of Ft. Walton Beach. The white quartz sand material, delivered to the Gulf of Mexico from the Appalachian Mountains via the river, was deposited along the shores when Santa Rosa Island began to extend like an arm from Destin Florida. These small white grains of quartz move to the west. Then, they reach their final destination and the Pensacola Pass.

The sands of this beach are among the whitest and cleanest in the world, and the perfect oval shape of each grain of sand makes the beach, “squeak” when you walk on it

The beach in Pensacola is very busy.

The lifeguards sure have their work cut out for them. Image watching all these people.

They do have it easier than the lifeguards in California. Spotting sharks is way easier. As the water and white sand makes them stand out as a dark mass easily spotted.

I love watching people and kids at the beach. So much fun!    The waves are rather small here. More like a big lake.

The water is around 75 degrees. The air around 80. It was the perfect day. I love the water and sand color.

There are a lot of great places to eat. This restaurant was right on the beach by the pier.

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    • I feel that way about salt water crocs. Lord I am afraid of those. We have a hot water jetty here in San Diego that has sharks often. As kids we used to bet each other a dollar to swim across. I made a lot of money back then for a 10 yr old.

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