Wander project Delaware and Rehoboth Beach!

After we moved to Maryland in 2011, the call of the beach was overwhelming. What once was an 8 or 9-hour drive (other than the Dunes of Indiana which was still a three plus hour drive and no matter what Lake Michigan is cold water). Now it was suddenly an easy 3-hour drive to the actual Ocean. Our first beach vacation was a double one; we went to celebrate mother’s day and to explore the beaches of Delaware.

Our first trip was Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. A long beautiful beach with wonderful sand and a wonderful boardwalk. We had mothers day brunch at one of the restaurants that adjoined the boardwalk (my wife’s idea). We also enjoyed walking up and down the boardwalk. The location we selected to stay at was not actually on the beach (and they didn’t allow dogs which upset Fran, but a lot of things upset Fran).

We enjoyed walking up and down the boardwalk, there was also a very large video game arcade that the kids enjoyed visiting. Arcades are interesting things, when I was a younger person they were everywhere and we went to them all the time. Now they are slowly disappearing. Fewer and fewer arcades are open every year. Even though, there have been many Hollywood movies that focused on the amazing reality of arcades (Wreck it Ralph, Tron and Tron II) as well as many others.


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Written by DocAndersen

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