Wander project Chicago 4

Wander project Chicago one last time. Post 4 from our October 2000 vacation. The last part is shots from Navy Pier taken of the lighthouse and other interesting things. Just off of Navy Pier is a park that also serves as a sculpture garden. One of the things I love is lighthouses. My wife does as well, but her philosophy is that every lighthouse has an outlet mall under it. This one, however, is the guide for the Chicago Harbor. There are two harbors, pleasure craft and of course the commercial harbor.

Lake Michigan, Lake Superior, and the other Great Lakes are pretty deep. Based on that they support a vibrant shipping community with some fairly large craft. It is also a great location for boating, and there are hundreds of boats in the downtown harbors. Finally, there is a wonderful beach just north of Navy Pier called the Gold Beach. Gold Beach has beautiful sand and is the place many Chicagoans go to enjoy the sun!

I take a lot of pictures, and I truly love the Lighthouse just off the shore of Lake Michigan in downtown Chicago. I think of all the lighthouses I have seen in my life, and I have sent more than 100, it is my all-time favorite Lighthouse. Although, I do not remember seeing it when I was a kid. I remember Shedd Aquarium and the Field Museum as a child but the lighthouse I just don’t recall. I do have some different views of that Lighthouse, and some pictures of it over the years!


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