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Now ‘streaming’ apps are also possible!

There are times when we have to delete our favorite app from our smartphone just because the phone is running out of storage. And...

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The world largest book in the Hungarian town, weighing one and a half tons.

The village of Zanpatry, near Hungary, has a population of only 300 people, But here is the world's largest book, made entirely by hand....

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A world record of collecting over 3000 toothpaste tubes.

The Guinness Book of World Records has added another unique record, a few days ago, to the largest collection of toothpaste tubes. Fall Kolpakov, a...

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To avoid corona virus, use the Vitamin C fruits frequently.

Corona virus treatment has not yet been revealed, While the virus has destroyed the world. The World Health Organization has also issued high alert to...

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Now the drone has also become a house keepers.

Countless uses of drones are occurring daily, Now the US and Swiss companies have jointly developed a drone that guards the house. He not...

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