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Now the drone has also become a house keepers.

Countless uses of drones are occurring daily, Now the US and Swiss companies have jointly developed a drone that guards the house. He not...

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Samsung introduced ‘Artificial Man’.

Samsung has presented artificial human beings at the annual 'Consumer Electronics Show' Who speak like real human beings, expresses an opinion and answers the...

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Google rolls out a translation app for smartphones in 44 languages.

Google has introduced a great app called 'Google Interpreter' for those traveling to different countries and those who have trouble with foreign languages.  Interestingly,...

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This artificial flesh the wound itself can heal.

Australian scientists have developed a kind of aqueous synthetic material in the lab that they describe as natural meat. Because if it is cracked...

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Make Automatic everything with this finger robot.

This little robot can open or close any button controlled by the phone app. It can make unlimited devices automatic and smart.  His Name...

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