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Young Starlings may look like Blackbirds…

However, as an adult New Zealand Starling they look like what I have in these photos. Here is one in the thumbnail of a persimmon tree.

The Black bird here can be a Black, Black bird which is a male Black bird and the brown Black bird is a female Blackbird or it could be a juvenile Black bird.

I once mistook a Black bird for a Thrush and I was completely wrong. 

Every country has different types of Starlings, Blackbirds and Thrushes and so that is OK. 

#1 Female Black bird or juvenile Black bird.

For the female blackbird it becomes darker in the winter.

All New Zealand Blackbirds have yellow beaks.

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#2 Thrush

This Thrush is on our lawn listening for worms in the ground. Today it allowed me to take it's photo.

Now, these are the New Zealand version of what we have here. I have also heard that other countries have a different type of Thrush as well..

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#4 Female or Juvenile Blackbird

Here it is important, that because these are New Zealand Blackbirds, other countries may have Blackbirds that have a different look to New Zealand.

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#5 Starling

The speckled coat shines in the sun. It is an adult. I will need to search for news on the looks of the juvenile Starling.

Now it is possible for anyone to mistake a Black bird for a Starling.

It is also possible for another country to have a different looking Starling to ours.

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