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Saturday's Critters – Blackbirds

These Blackbirds are like a family in our backyard. I am looking forward to seeing their offspring this spring, which is in September officially.

I am not sure that our Seasons of the year fit into the required slot due to global warming so it is best just to “go with the flow” and accept the weather as it is. I do find weather very interesting.

Here I put these as I often feed the neighbours cats and it seems to be a regular thing, just a hand full of vet approved cat biscuits. 

The Thumbnail is a young Blackbird sitting on a bamboo pole that was constructed to grow vegetables.

My post is belated but hope you don’t mind because today is our Sunday but our Sunday is most people’s Saturday….

#1 Pinching Cat Food

When the "cats away" the Black bird will steal its food.

So will the other birds, the Thrush and the Starling and the Sparrows..


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Written by Pamela Moresby


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