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Saturdays Critters – There are 4

Here are the latest photos of what is around the house. 

Little birds around that take bugs out of the garden and like to encourage me to do weeding, although often the weeding gets neglected

At the moment the birds and I have quite a good arrangement. If only the cats would leave the birds alone.

Talk about the Cat among the Pigeons, here is one from our local neighbourhood.

#1 White Eye in the Fig tree

Now I have told these "Critters" that they can have the figs high up because I cant reach them anyway as long as they leave the lower figs for me.

You know what? The White eyes listened and I have got some figs.

#2 Starlings

I haven't said anything to these birds but they come and eat the grass grubs anyway. 

Nice that birds get stuck in without complaining.

#3 My friend the young Black bird.

This one is disappointed with me at the moment. I had a spare china plate where all the birds took the spare cat food to eat.

I picked up that China plate and the birds had put a hole in it. So will have to put something plastic down instead

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