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Passion flower – healthy and decorative climbers

I was exploring Losinj during my vacation. I saw the passion “living” for the first time. In my country, this flower fails. This beautiful flower took me so that I wanted to know more about it.

The Passion is a wonderful climber, which also thrives well in warmer places. As a medicinal plant, it was known by the South American Indians, who used it as a tranquilizer or to relieve cramps.

It needs a lot of moisture and good soil and a support to which it climbs. The sun’s best suits it. Although the passion flower bloom from July to September, its beautiful flowers have a short lifespan, since they are open for only one day, and, exceptionally, for two days.

Before taking a passion for yourself, make sure it is not toxic, as there are some toxic types.

The passion fruit is considered a medicinal plant, since the person calms down and if necessary, sleeps. It has anti-cough and moisturizing properties, it also treats gastrointestinal disorders, which are of nerve origin.

For healing use, dried leaves and stems are suitable for making tea. However, when using a passion, caution should be exercised, since it causes drowsiness in excessive amounts.


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