Top 10 most famous sights to see in Japan

Traveling to Japan is an exotic holiday in the country of the Emerging Sun, attracting by its mysterious and charming delights, preserved for thousands of years. The holiday in Japan, a country of nearly 7,000 islands, enchants by the unique civilization that has flourished here, which still flourishes today with the contrasts of tradition and modernity that will accompany all the amazing journey.

Japan is a strong, warm and incredibly hospitable spirit, a harmony of gardens, a kitchen full of surprises, falling flowers on the earth, and a mysterious geisha’s gaze. Japan is amazed by its versatility and the opportunity to enjoy new and unexpected discoveries every second. Holidays in Japan is a journey of discovery full of myths left by civilizations, modern day-to-day routines and a futuristic vision of the future.

Getting to Japan is a dream come true for many travelers. Stay and relax in Japan will give you the most memorable moments in a welcoming Asian country. During the holidays, you will discover the history and traditions of the country while visiting the spectacular capital of Tokyo. Visit the museum, historic buildings, temples here. Also in this city you will get acquainted with the modern side of the country, where the skyscrapers will rotate your heads, and the exclusive street fashion will surprise even those who has seen too much already.

Those who want to know the delicate traditions should definitely take part in the tea drinking ceremony, pamper themselves in the traditional hot springs, walk in the gorgeous gardens, visit the temples and, at least from the distance, admire the mysterious geisha elegance.


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