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5 original ideas for the bedroom

Bedroom – a space that needs special attention. Forget a monotonous, boring, solid style – let yourself experiment. Here are 5 ideas that I hope will inspire you.

Dollhouse style

Do you have a closer look at the luxurious and vibrant doll Barbie image? And you like it? Then the dollhouse style interior will fit perfectly into your bedroom. The best color solution will be vivid colors: pink, blue, yellow, salad, lilac with white. You can insert slightly darker, more richly colored decorative elements. It is suitable the selection of silk, soft materials. For the windows perfectly fit semi transparent fabrics.

The main decorative elements of the “dollhouse” are soft toys, small cushions (preferably heart-shaped), ribbons, beautiful bright statues, and of course, live flowers. The gently light of the lamps will create a romantic mood, perfectly complemented by floral and fruit aromas.

Amazon’s bedroom style

If your character is warrior, you get used to relying on yourself everywhere and do not like to obey anyone, your bedroom can remind a robber’s house. Choose from shades of sand to brown, as well as terracotta and coral shades. Fabrics should be soft, pleasant to the touch. Perfect will look blankets and curtains with drawings resembling animal fur. A carpet of artificial fur can be put on the floor.

The lighting function will perfectly perform the lamp of torch shape. Place the wooden African gods statues in the room, strange forms of vase, hang small masks on the wall, you can even use artificial feathers. In place of the usual indoor flower, use bamboo, pineapple or flowers that look like palm.

Royal Boudoir style

By nature, you are the leader and the organizer, you easily climb the career ladder, you know exactly what your goal is and you seek it, you appreciate the comfort and good precious things? Then you will need a bedroom, similar to a royal boudoir. Choose rich, luxurious colors – emerald, red, dark blue. Decorative elements with a “golden” finish will look great. Velvet, silk and other luxurious fabrics should dominate the bedroom. Hang a tulle canopy above a massive wide bed. Curtains are better to choose hard, beautifully draped. The room will be lit by a huge crystal chandelier, and you can also use a candle-shaped brass. Decorate the bedroom with the paintings in massive frames, original statuettes, beautifully bound books, flowers. In the royal bedroom, the flower of the garden reigns, vanilla, oriental scents.

Antique Hall style

You are calm and harmonious, you are thinking of all the decisions and actions, the hurry and chaos is unacceptable to you? Surround yourself with light, space and choose white or very light pastel colors for the bedroom. Add golden decorative elements. Ancient goddess will have light and thin fabrics for the bedroom. It is also possible to use the fur, but it must be white and do not fall out of the general colored gamma. The Greek Amphora is a great decorative accessory in a divine bedroom, like the original vases and white, delicate blossoms. Lighting will be flower-shaped brass. Aroma better to choose fresh: citrus, sea, flower.

Country coziness style

Are you young, curious, you like to travel, and impressions are more important than comfort? Try the country style in your bedroom. Choose natural colors. Dark or very bright will not fit to this style of bedroom, it can only be used for individual items. Try sand, creamy, bluish, milk white, green. Make sure your fabrics are natural. Linen or hand embroidered cotton will look great in this interior, and straw rugs can be put on the floor. In the room there will be flower bouquets of the field, basket with fruits. Wicker luminaries, lace hoods will complement the interior, and the aromas of wood, dried flowers and honey will get you closer to nature.


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