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Top 10 popular sights to see in Honduras

Want to go to Honduras, Latin America, where it’s impossible to stand when music is playing? The Tegucigalpa is the capital of this particular country, which is proud of the historic legacy of Mayan civilization. The eastern coast is Caribbean, the western Atlantic Ocean, Honduras, some call it Banana Capital (based on banana exports), are rich in unique nature and wildlife. Honduran symbols – orchid and bright, red ara. Colorful parrots and one of the most beautiful flowers just remind us of the wonderful and richest is this world’s land.

Recreation in Honduras – golden beaches, palm trees, waves and fresh air – something else you are missing for holidays? Yes! Perfectly balanced, light food, which of course will offer you restaurants, cafes and hospitable locals! Travel to Honduras – an opportunity to expand the wealth of your knowledge and experience! Mountains and volcanoes, working and outdated, pure mountain air are definitely recommended for fans of longer trips. Travel, enjoy, share impressions and do not forget to get the best souvenirs!

If you no longer know when the last time nature has taken away your breath, the journey to Honduras will allow you to enjoy this sense again. The spectacular beaches with straw umbrellas, jungle, caves, and mountains are complemented by the mosaic Honduran culture, the Mayan, Spanish heritage cities and the happy people.


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