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The roses of which grow in the Mediterranean climate

I enjoy the holidays for the second week. Weather is a little mixed, but it does not bother me. I also take a lot of walks on vacation, watch new places, their sights and of course I also observe which plants and flowers thrive in this Mediterranean climate. I live in the Alpine climate, so the plants and flowers are quite different.

I have to admit that I do not know a few plants and flowers. I’m curious and I always like to learn something new so I ask the locals. The locals are very friendly and they like to help at any time. I hope you will not mind if I did not find the right name … Please correct my mistakes hahaha πŸ˜‰.

I made many pictures of plants and flowers so I decided to show you at least some of my favorite flowers that I noticed. Some of them are wonderful for me at least, and I can not be overlooked. I think that I will take some seedlings home and find out if they will succeed in the Alpine climate.

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  1. Walking – YES, definitely a pastime of mine! Just a pity that I don’t want to take my dog, Splay, to the beach, as there is so much broken glass there, and it’s close to the location, with loads of dogs that could attack Splay at any time. I always tease her that she’s a born and bred river pirate, and not a sea pirate :)!!


  2. I love seeing the same flowers here, we must be in the exact same growing zone. Although the names are different, that’s what i love to see. What others call them. If that makes sense. The last one we call a Bottle Brush Tree, bush/flower. Love all the photos.



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