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Lake Morena, Campo, California

My son, the dogs and I decided to go up to Lake Morena in Southern California and do some trail magic. 

What is trail magic? It is anything you do to help a thru hiker on their long distance journey across the country. 

I live about 50 miles from the Pacific Crest Trail. This trail is 2,650 miles long stretching from Canada to Mexico. The people that started the journey in 2018 left in June or July from Canada. They are just starting to trickle in to our neighborhood. What a journey that must be.

By the time they get to Lake Morena, they have 20 miles left until the end at the southern terminus of the trail at the Mexican Border. 

We thought it would be fun to go meet some of these folks, hand out some trail magic, do a little hiking ourselves and let the dogs get some much needed exercise. 

We served, sandwiches with fresh tomato, avocado, sliced beef, and crunchy lettuce. Along with applesauce and chocolate pudding, chips, nuts and candy. To drink we had cold bottled water, and Gatorade as well. 

 It was a beautiful day. Here is what this area looks like along with a few interesting facts. 

#1 The dam

was finished in 1912 and is 167 feet high, and 550 feet long. The lake did not fill in the years to come. 

In 1916 the city hired "The Rainmaker" Charles Hatfield who offered to fill the lake by building towers and releasing chemicals into the air. 

By Jan. 10th flooding rains began and filled the lake at a rate of two feet an hour. It filled and spilled on Jan. 26th. The rest of the county experienced major flooding, washed out bridges, flooded towns and villages, killing 50 people. 

The city claimed that the rains were an "Act of God" and told Hatfield if he tried to collect the 10K he would have to pay for all the damages caused by the rain. 

He never collected the money. 

#5 The shadows

are getting long. That grass started to glow with gold. 

#10 Before and Now

The above photo is from the 70's and the bottom is now. 

San Diego owns the water, and drained the lake to 6%. It is still a beautiful place, we met some really awesome people, and had a great day. 

I hope you have a great day as well! 


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Written by Kim_Johnson


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