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La Jolla Cove and the Tide Pools of Southern California

La Jolla pronounced La Hoya is on the west coast of Southern California in San Diego County. We are lucky to have such wonderful tide pools. La Jolla has seven miles of them to explore. The water is so clear! In the shot below the darker area of the picture is actually water!

These shots are taken just south of La Jolla Cove also known as Seal Beach or the Children’s Pool.

The green building on the point is the start of the Children’s Pool. Let’s go there!

The Children’s pool is closed and roped off from December 15 – May 15 giving the seals the beach to have their pups.

Here are the tiny pools up close, interesting don’t you think?

Another shot..

The rest of the time you are allowed to swim and lounge at this wonderful beach and on both sides there are tide pools to check out.

When to go tide pooling in San Diego?

We see the best time for tide pooling is through October to March. The moon’s gravitational pull Β on the Earth makes the lower tides fall during the daylight hours.

We have two high tides and two low tides per day.

At this beach and tide pools you can expect to see sea anemones and crabs.

We finally made it past that green building to the beach. It was a wonderful walk.

At this time of year the seals do not go onto the sandy beach but stay mostly to an island off the coast. Some fish and lounge on the rock outcroppings near. Look closely and you can see them below.

Here is another shot.

I plan on visiting all of the tide pools in La Jolla this winter! Hope you all have enjoyed this tiny tour.


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  1. My blogging friend went here whenever she can, and talked about this tide pools on her blogs. I would love to have a visit. My son currently lives in Santa Clarita, so I think it would be a nice weekend trip when I go to visit him.

    • I can sure see why she wrote about them. I want to see all of them now. 7 miles worth of tide pools. I can’t wait. Santa Clarita is very close. I would shoot over to the 15 to come down, and leave the 5 to the traffic. Few hours and youd be here.

    • Thank you Michelle. You do need to, she would love to see all the different sights, and stuff. Wild animal park is near too, its fun and the animals are very happy. Its just a short drive I’m sure she’d let you!!

  2. What a fantastic place! Your descriptions really bring the photos to life. While I love your pics, if I had to forego either them or your words, I’d stick with your vivid prose! (Don’t take that as a negative in any way – it’s a double positive πŸ˜‰ )
    In your first sentence you answered my first question when I saw the title of the piece – the pronunciation. But do you happen to know what ‘jolla’ means in Spanish?

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