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I always thought the name ‘Ixora’ sounds very exotic!  However, they are quite common here in Malaysia and may be seen in most home gardens and public gardens. You might know the flowers as bunches of red, orange, pink or yellow. The plants are popularly used as hedges as they can be very attractive with the bunches of blooms about 4 – 6 inches in total size, although each little flower making up the bunch is only about half an inch.

Seen here is a healthy bunch which is in full bloom that I shot in the compound of my apartment building. This is a very pretty orange-peach colour which is not too common.  Ixora are used for all the hedges around the compound of my apartment building but most are of the red-pink variety as seen below.

This bunch as you can see is half in bud form and half fully bloomed.  I guess Ixora is a good choice as it is hardy and stands up to the hot weather we get here as well as it can form a dense neat hedge.


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  1. I have never seen them as well. I was thinking the same thing VersusVll wonder why we don’t have them here or in Italy. Since we have similar weather and terrain maybe it is too dry here.. I love the colors and the flowers. They look like huge lantanas. Very nice.

    • And here I was, thinking they are so ‘common’, lol… Well, after all the excitement over how exotic the ixora is, I checked it out — seems it is a sub-tropical plant widely grown in South-East Asia and India; it may also be found in Florida of the USA. 🙂

      Thank you, Kim. (I should have also snapped the entire bush or hedge!)

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