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Let Those Who Have Nothing Be Blessed

I was encouraged to see that there are people doing good for homeless individuals. Knowing that some people still have their humanity is a sign that we still have the chance to change this messy world. It will just take a few individuals to lead and let others follow their act of kindness.

Poverty is a universal thing. It is a problem politician always promise to eradicate, but actually, cannot. Poverty is a concern not noticed by people who are too busy focusing too much on themselves or those who focus on useless stuff. Some people do not even realize how blessed they are compared with others because all they want is to be granted their wishes.

When you start on focusing on poverty, then will you start thinking more about the problem? No matter how little you may give, it will mean a lot to those who have nothing. Some people are blessed because they have families who love them, they have roofs over their heads, they have food on their plates, and they have money that can buy them anything they want.

It’s about time this generation to wake up and starts focusing on how to solve the problem of poverty.

When you sit down to interact with homeless people, you will not only give them something. You will also get something from them: their sincere smiles and stories. You will be enlightened on why they live in the streets fighting for survival, why they live alone, and why they are not looking for a job.

Until you get to know more about these individuals, you will never understand the reason why they live the way they do. Their stories may not bring you tears, laughter, and happiness. Their stories will make you realize that some of them really have no choice but to live in the streets, that some are actually trying their appearances, they are unaccepted and turned down by society. Another thing is that most of the homeless individuals did not finish school and the country lacks jobs to offer.

This year, 2017, my only wish is once and for all, every blessed people have the kind heart and helping hands that will be extended for those who have none, so that they have a reason to smile, stand up and see that they are nobody but a part of the society. Let us give them hope, inspiration, and a new start.


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  1. The power and greed of major corporations. You know we now do not have a middle class in America?The middle class are now poor. It is a serious problem, I have even been homeless. My son has been homeless, my friends have been homeless. Great article here.

    • I’m sorry for that, Kim. But I’m so thankful that someone can relate to what I shared, which only means that such issue was and is happening.
      While writing this article, I was only thinking of what was happening in my own country. I never know that it is also a problem in your country. My prayers for all of us.

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