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A depressed lady whose love life is bitter for her

A depressed lady whose love life is bitter for her

We are raised from different homes, influenced by different culture, custom and tradition, thus, people have certain bad characters they find it suitable. Bad character and body odor are some of the problems leading to bitter relationships.

It is very common and part of our everyday life to see beautiful ladies and gentlemen in town, offices, and different places.

The perfume they wear adds glamor to their personalities with sweet charm, but many are experiencing bitter relationships, often taking away their happiness, putting them into a tunnel of misery, loneliness, and depression.

The set up of our homes immediately convey the message to a visitor, nature, and character of those dwelling there and the sort of training or life being acquired from it. Truly, the life and character of a person can easily be determined from the home he or she was raised.

Thus, are you one of those hard to live with because of your bad character or the nature of the home you were raised? If you are a lady or gentleman in your late thirties and still living single, after many stormy affairs, it’s time to sit quietly and ask: why every guy or lady doesn’t stay with me?

Once in Amsterdam, I shared a kitchen with other tenants living in the apartment. More than a dozen times, I witnessed one of the male tenants spitting into the kitchen sink. A kitchen sink we used when cooking. I was shocked to the extent that I lost the desire to cook in that kitchen.

I couldn’t tell him to stop because I don’t want any confrontation.This went on and on until one of the tenants caught him in the act again and the confrontation escalated into a physical fight. Eventually, the owner of the apartment who wasn’t pleased with what he did, ejected him from that apartment.

How can an adult or fully grown man, lack the intelligence to do something like that without noticing that’s completely wrong?At times, many neither realize their problems nor mistakes they do. Some people are very dirty and stink, yet they can’t  smell the bad odor that follows them, so they don’t do anything about it.

It is rather friends, relatives or colleagues at work that can easily notice the bad condition or how smelly the person is.  In the early 2000’s, I nearly lost my job at the restaurant I was working in Antwerp. One of my female colleagues’ armpit stinks very bad that I was finding it difficult to work with her.

Such case is a sensitive issue to deal with because you can’t tell someone that he or she stinks, especially if the person is a woman, so I bought her a deodorant as a gift. The deodorant ended up in the hands of her husband, who came to the office with his wife to see my boss.

Luckily, I had already discussed this issue with my boss, thus; he spoke with colleague’s husband and he left. It was a hard lesson which changed my life about the way I approach things. Some kindness may put you into a very big trouble.

Many people are lonely and depressed and can’t turn their lives around because they don’t know the actual problems causing the separation or the stormy relationships. Life is not easy but often chains of biological conditions, bad habits, and character, take its toll on mankind, making life worthless to some people.

Very often psychologists and psychiatrists have traced the cause of our present day ailments to homes. ‘Home sweet home’ they say but at times dirty environments have made our present day abode ‘Home miserable home.’

Someone can visit a friend and may not like to go to the house again, just because of the filth in the friend’s house.Many relationships don’t last long. It may be differences of opinions, careers, and misunderstandings but at times it may turn out to be that the partners don’t like something about each other, especially about his or her body or home. Seeing your doctor once in three or six months for a medical checkup is very necessary.

Your doctor may find something you don’t even know that exists. Bad tooth collects food into the crevices which often rot and stinks. Visiting the dentist could solve this problem.After work or where ever you go you always come back to your home, so cleaning your home should be very important.

An ideal home means cleanliness and cleanliness bring comfort, happiness, and understanding to many people who face unfavorable conditions outside their homes.An ideal home doesn’t mean luxury but a simple comfortable and airy home free from filth. How can this be achieved?

Dusting off films of dirt and vacuuming weekly make your home clean, and the old furniture and environments look brighter always. A clean environment can be created by clearing bushes, working, cutting and trimming the gardens. Some of these tasks can save you a lot of money, instead of changing that expensive furniture yearly.


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Written by JoelSavage


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