Morgus E006, Green Dragon Shield, part 3


Episode 006, Green Dragon Shield 

September 30, 2017

Our serial series is set in Kenneth Shumaker’s medieval fantasy realm of Quantos. We find the Apprentice Mage Morgus is out from the Mage’s University and on his one-year walk-about before he returns for his journeyman certification test on Autumn 50 of Pine, during the reign of King Regeanus III in the royal city of Mount Oryn’s South State district. Our intrepid hero, with a checkered past, is an attractive thirty-three-year-old human Jalnoric male with a bold personality and is determined to survive his walk-about year at any cost, even if it means snuggling in and working with nobility.

Autumn 80 Unicorn

Arriving at the small lot with the old wooden two-story house, Morgus knocks on the weather-beaten door. A beautiful Jalfem, nearing thirty years of age, answers the door. It is now nearly gods-rise as Morgus bows, soul-struck. His eyes sparkle as he says, “Gods-grace master, I’m Mage Morgus. I came to see Master Harol. He’s an old friend, but I think I’ll forget him and I’ll see you, as I’ve just forgotten everyone else. Who do I have the pleasure of meeting?”

With her eyes now sparkling, her cheeks flushed, pupils expanded, and her breathing changed to slightly more rapid, the woman answers after a giggle. “I’m Leza, Harol’s younger sister. Master Morgus, would you do me the honor of coming in for tea?”

Trying to catch an even breath, Morgus attempts to remain calm. “Indeed, I would enjoy a mug of tea, along with your company, Master Leza. Is Harol around?”

Leading the way to the kitchen, Leza makes the two of them a pot of strong tea and sets milk and honey on the table for the tea.

Using the milk and honey sparingly, Morgus pours himself a mug of steaming tea. Morgus discovers that he is having a difficult time focusing, as he is trying to look away from Leza.

They sit across the table from each other with their mugs of tea. It is Leza who finally speaks, with her voice quavering. “Unfortunately, the pox struck our family five years ago. Everyone in my family died except myself and my youngest brother. It hit hard in this area, nearly two-hundred passed away in a season.”

Morgus places his hand on hers. “My sympathies, Leza. It must be hard maintaining your home with just the two of you, and being without your loved ones.”

Glistening moisture rises in her eyes again as her lips quiver, but then she regains her composure, and Leza says, “I’ve become a journeyman tailor, working over at Armal Tailors. And, Sesan has steady work on Renol fief. We earn more than enough to support ourselves. We’re saving coins to lease a tailor shop for me, for when I become master, and also we hope to soon have enough to buy Sesan an apprenticeship.”

Smiling Morgus, asks, “Would you both like to come to Baron Hessan’s on Autumn 84 Unicorn? We can discuss an apprenticeship fund for Sesan.”

Blushing again, embarrassed to be going to a noble’s, Leza hesitates.

Morgus says, “I’ll send the carriage in the morning, about an hour after gods-rise. I’m glad you’ll make it … how did the pox start?”

Glad to change the subject, Leza responds, “Oh … it was when a green dragon came and breathed on our food supplies in the area. He was driven away by a knight who had a dragon shield and sword. The knight wasn’t able to kill the green dragon … the dragon shield saved the knight’s life three times before the green dragon left angry and defeated.”

Filing this information away in his mind, Morgus – is now with an idea to research green dragons. If the dragon is still alive, he’s likely to return. Morgus also wants to know what happened to the knight and his dragon shield and sword.

Spending several hours with Leza, Morgus engages her as they talk about local history and Leza’s life. He skillfully avoids discussing his past, specifically his return at the Perch Inn.

Excusing himself two hours later, Morgus leaves before evening meal. With a light step, he slowly walks home. It takes him an extra twenty minutes to return home – a walk that would usually take an hour.

To say he is happy is an understatement. The last time he saw Leza, she was five-years-old, and the family was strong and healthy with a thriving merchant business, Sesan had not been born yet.


Entering Hessan Manor, Morgus scrubs his boots off on the bristle-mat and walks to the staff dining room in the cellar. Cheekily, he says to Hez. “How fares the holy?”

The three priests are now wear new sparkling clean robes of Imvor-red linen. All three are grinning as Hez replies, “You are our saviour, Master Morgus. We actually get real food, real work, with pay and believers who’ll pay attention to us if we preach at appropriate times! And we don’t have to beg for alms. You did us each a great service. Working with Ada is great. Even though Ada likes to complain, you couldn’t find a harder worker.”

Ada huffs and grins while the others laugh.

Humoured, Morgus asks, “You’re welcome. Now Ada, can I use this dining room to entertain guests for meals?”

Shaking her head, Ada answers, “No! Use the staff social room. Do you need meals cooked and served? Loura can cook, and Hon can serve. If so, when?”

Looking at Bushnel, Morgus asks, “Can Bushnel pick up a couple of people at 889 Drescol Street on Autumn 84, at about an hour after gods-rise? Then, we’ll entertain the guests with morning meal and midday meal, with Bushnel returning them to 889 right after his own meal after midday?”

Nodding, Bushnel then says, “Barring Baron Hessan’s needs, yes, of course.”

Gesturing haphazardly, Ada replies. “I know of no issues. So far, Larap hasn’t informed me of any appointments.”

Cheering loudly, Morgus does a small jig in his chair.

Autumn 82 Unicorn

Having talked with Baron Hessan about setting permanent ‘continuous Imvor light’ lights on each floor in safe rooms, in case the wights come back, Morgus selects a safe room on each level. He exhausts himself casting three of the ‘continuous Imvor light’. He also set five hooded lanterns with the light.

Resting, Morgus looks at his research notes and estimates that he’ll be at least ten more hours researching the spell, ‘locate object’.

To be continued in Morgus E006, Green Dragon Shield, part 4.

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