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I Love Myself More: Is It Selfish?

Some people think that loving oneself more than the others are considered as a selfish act. “Can you blame them?” If we think it over, it is the best way to protect oneself. Being hurt is normal to experience because of love. However, it is not also healthy to remain in the same situation. Brokenhearted for a couple of times is not healthy especially if the person never learn something from it. With such desperation, a person can able to cope up and learn to love oneself unconditionally.

There are times that people cannot understand why a shattered person change into a different level. They changed to be a better person and renew of what was left behind because of being madly in love and forget their real identity. It cannot be denied that some people even forget others for the sake of loving someone. They were blinded to the real truth and in-denial at most. In the end, they lost their circle of friends and in vain after cutting the relationship with his or her partner.

It is a choice to be so martyr in a relationship but expects the consequences. The world with no one and hanging solely with the love problem. But then, this is a situation whereby a broken-hearted person will realize the importance of a support system. After being disconnected from people, it is worth to be with them again. Sometimes we think we are the millionaire! It means that we can’t buy anything. Everything is worth to be treasured. Life is not only fixated on someone. We need to keep socializing and maintain a good relationship with others.

We can still have two worlds at the same time. It can also refer to life-balance. If our life is in balance, then there is no way that happiness will be fulfilled. In every walks of life, challenges are always there. We don’t need to run away from it.

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Written by Steven Gamboa


  1. It is definitely not selfish. A good friend asked me once how can you expect someone else to love you if you do not love yourself first.
    Brilliant post, I enjoyed reading it.

  2. Loving yourself is not selfish. Maybe loving yourself for the wrong reasons, if that is even possible. However it is not possible to be good for another person if you do not first love yourself. Selfishness is when you put your own needs ahead of the needs of others unnecessarily. It is also not selfish to put your own needs first unless you do it at the expense of others. Live and be happy!

    • I agree. It is normal to be in denial. Moreover, it takes time to realize that we still need to love ourselves for any circumstances in life. Life is not like a bed of roses. We, humans, can still experience being loved but not in a mutual situation. That’s the bad thing though.

  3. Your question: I Love Myself More: Is It Selfish? My answer is Yes. Every person who has experienced a loving relationship knows that selfishness can destroy that relationship. Sure! You have to love yourself. But you don’t have to love yourself selfishly! You can go “Me! Me! Me! Me!” But in the end, it will be “You! You! You! You!” and you’ll be all by yourself! If you don’t mind living this life alone and lonely, all by yourself, then go ahead and love yourself to pieces! LOL.

  4. People are all selfish to a certain extent, as long as its not too much or hurting I guess its ok.

    Some people expect too much from others, they’ll call you selfish if you refuse to help them … but if you keep helping them, its draining you and it doesn’t really help them…