I Am the Boss of My Time

I had been working as an online teacher for more than 4 years now. Some people will have a lot of thinking about it. They might claim that it is not stable. “Have they tried it?” They can say whatever it is but the practical side of having the salary is three times bigger than the regular jobs in my city and even compared to my previous jobs. I am not being arrogant but telling the truth makes another feel upside down. The truth is that “I am the boss of my time.”


The good advantages can be enumerated without boasting. All I can say, online teaching will not be stable if you had chosen a company that is not stable. I had been working with so many companies or organizations. But still, I never had earned enough to sustain my needs and the needs of the others. Now, I am proudly saying that my earnings are continued to come into my savings tax-free from the company.


There are times that we need to weight it out. I may have a high position title, but I don’t earn what I deserved. Basically, I had wasted my time serving the company. Online teaching can offer two options: work full-time or part-time. Now, I still have the option and but I rather choose to work full-time and can manage my time schedule for teaching and no one can force me to do so. I got tired of working with incompetent bosses and colleagues who are so busy pulling down the others.


For the meantime, I am enjoying to be the boss of my time. I don’t need to wait for an approval of others. I have my time to reach my goals and earn enough money at the same time. As tough as nails, I can still plan my future ahead of time. There are so many things that we wanted in life. You might accept it or not, money is the fuel to be successful and use it wisely in time.


What do you think?


Written by Steven Gamboa

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