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Donald Trump will be Welcomed with 20-foot Long Cartoon Balloons in London

London’s Mayor Sadiq Khan has accepted the request of the citizens, allowing On the arrival of the US president  Donald Trump’s reflection balloon to fly.

On July 13, American President Donald Trump’s arrival at the London Parliament Square,  Donald Trump-shaped cartoon balloons will be raised in the sky in parliament area. Mayor Sadiq Khan has allowed the balloon to blow up the request of a private organization. Private organization will also hold ‘Stop Trump’ rally on the occasion.


10,000 people signed in the campaign to get permission to blow the trump-shaped balloons and spent $ 20,000 in its preparation after which London’s Mayor Sadiq Khan has allowed this balloon to fly. This balloon will be blown up from UK parliament at about 11:30am on the arrival of US President. The color of 20 feet long balloons is as yellow as a trump hair color. In which the trump is shown to be angry and wear pamper.


Last year, 1.8 million people had signed online petitions, which aim was to cancel the London visit of Donald Trump. Apart from this the controversial policy regarding refugees, US President Donald Trump also faces the grief of the British people.


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  1. If you multiply a negative number by another negative number you get a positive sum. By that logic, I suspect if you make a caricature of someone who is himself a caricature of a man, then what you actually get is a portrait…

  2. At first, I thought this balloon was about a Japanese Manga/Anime cartoon movie. One of the movies i watched had a similar huge balloon floating over a parade scene, i think in the movie Paprika. Then, when I took a closer look, i noticed blond hair, and I thought who’s the retarded fat baby. Oh, it’s only trump…

  3. For reasons like this and many others I am not a politically minded person and prefer not to mix in politics. As much as the balloon is a most creative idea and makes a great statement still I think it was not a good idea. I hate to think how President Trump will react to this but then I suppose he must already know about it and perhaps as with most things he just doesn’t care.

  4. I would assume they would be upset if someone in the US did the same with their royalty or public figures. I feel like this is an act of a 10 year old child without supervision. It is in bad taste, even if you hate Trump.


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