Melania decides to divorce Trump

Stephanie Winston Wolkoff  a former senior adviser to Donald Trump’s wife Melania Trump, has claimed that Melania will divorce her husband Trump.  The former senior adviser to Melania Trump, has claimed that Melania Trump is consulting with her son on the issue of giving her an equal share of Donald Trump’s property after the divorce. She said Trump and Melania have separated their bedrooms in the White House.

On the other hand, former Trump administration official Omrosa Manigolt Newman has also claimed that Melania’s 15-year marriage with Donald Trump has already ended. He said Melania Trump was counting every minute when Donald Trump would leave the White House and she would be able to divorce him.

Earlier in 2016, when Donald Trump unexpectedly won the election, Melania burst into tears because she did not believe that Trump would win the election. bE cLEAR Democratic candidate Joe Biden has won the US presidential election by an unbeaten lead over Donald Trump and will now be the 46th president of the United States.

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