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My first post, meet my little dog!

This is 3/4 of our little family.  Bruce and Sally Witt, and our little chihuahua Nina.  Like the Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria!

Nina is my therapy and service dog, so she wears that vest when we go to restaurants and other public places that would not ordinarily allow a dog to visit.  She is an emotional support dog, so she doesn’t have to carry things or do other physical work for me.  She keeps me calm because I have tremendous anxiety and panic attacks.

Bruce is my therapy husband!  LOL.  He is wonderful, and our 33rd Anniversary is coming up.  He takes great care of us.

We also have a beautiful cat Luna!

This photo shows her comfortable on top of my pillows on my bed.  She is a wonderful cat, who had a rough start with seizures for about a year when she was a kitten.  She has been strong and healthy ever since.  Thank God!

We are a happy family and love each other very much – well, to be honest, Nina and Luna pick on each other.  Especially since Luna grew larger than Nina.  LOL

I will share a lot more with you soon.

Bruce and Sally Witt

Bucks County, PA


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  1. Such an adorable family, Sally! Your cat and dog are so cute! I’ve studied Spanish language and history in high school, and the phrase “La Niña, La Pinta y La Santa María” is like a tattoo on my brain, haha.

  2. Nina looks like a cutie. We have a black cat that looks similar to Luna and he also had problems as a kitten, with his feet. He still has problems, but is every bit as mobile as the rest of our cats.