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Do You Cry During Movies?

Do you cry during movies? What kind of movies make you cry?

And more importantly, do you like crying during movies? I have a friend who watches only sad movies. In a way, she feels that if she goes through this misery watching a movie, she might be ready to cope with it in real life too. It is her way of protecting herself from bad things: if she cries during a movie, she won’t have to cry in real life.

It could be related to believing in destiny, too. Let’s say that someone has a particular amount of crying to do in their life. If they do it for not so important things, they pay for it in advance. There was something similar in the book I’ve been reading lately. It’s about China in the early 1900s. The daughter-in-law, married to the first son of the family (the most important heir), was upset because her mother-in-law gave her nephews better and more expensive gifts, while she gave her child only old clothes that used to belong to her husband. Her mother-in-law explained that the boy is destined to have a rich and happy life, so they shouldn’t waste his fate by giving him everything while he’s still so young. Maybe it’s a weird way of thinking, but interesting nonetheless.

However, many specialists agree that people like watching movies, and especially series, about other people’s problems because this helps them forget their own problems for a while.

What do you think about it?


What do you think?

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  1. Generally, movies act as an escape from reality. It makes us forget our problems for a moment and enjoy our lives for the moment too.
    I never cry when I watch movies but always close to that. I’m sensitive so my eyes tend to be misty.

  2. I cried when there is sad real life circumstances, and with the movies too! I also cried if the person talking to me crying. I am a weak link!

    I do agree with the findings, that sometimes, I watch series, movies, documentaries to just forget my current issues.

  3. I do remember crying a little bit during the movie “Creed” that stars Michael B Jordan as the son of the late Apollo Creed when he was crying that his manager Rocky Balboa (Sylvester Stallone) was diagnosed with cancer during the movie.

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