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Dolls of the infancy

Image caught in a shop of baubles .. we all know all these prominent figures who have formed a part of our infancy .....

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Cathedral of Burgos,Spain

The Holy Cathedral Church Metropolitan Basilica of Santa María is a cathedral temple of Catholic worship dedicated to the Virgin Mary, in the Spanish...

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Ships in the port

Photo extracted for my in Guetxo's port, Biscay, Spain. I hope that you like.??

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Agricultural fair

Sale of onions, peppers,lettuces, chillies, tomatoes..un end of colorful vegetables and flavors

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Thought ?

In my trip for the world I found a wise man. I asked him; that is more important to love or to be dear? It me...

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Dolls of the infancy

Cathedral of Burgos,Spain

Ships in the port

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