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Movies or Books

When it comes to movies or books, I prefer to read the book.  I will read a book before I see the movie.  I find the books are much better.  Not all people would agree with me.

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    Do you prefer movies or books?

    • Movies
    • Books
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    What do you do first?

    • read the book
    • watch the movie
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    What do you think is better?

    • the book
    • the movie


What do you think?


  1. I prefer books to films because a good author can reveal much more with the written word. But it isn’t really fair to compare the two because they’re completely different genres and many things in a book don’t translate well into film. By way of comparison, car chases in books would be boring

    Strangely enough, I liked the LOTR films more than the books because the pacing was better. The Hobbit was much better as a book (the films were awful)