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A pancake is a round flat cake made from batter, which is cooked in a pan or on a griddle. Batter is made from a mixture of milk,eggs and flour. A griddle is a cooking tool with a flat surface that can be heated using electricity or gas.

A pancake is called different names in different countries. In Rome, it is called Alita Docia which means “another sweet” in Latin. Native Americans call it Nokehick, meaning “no cake”. In France and England, it is called a Crepe. In Scotland, it is called Ulster. German call it Pfannkuchen. In the Netherlands, pancakes are called Pannekoeken. Today, pancakes are also known as Hotcakes or  Flapjacks. Pancakes also have many versions in countries like Malaysia, Philippines, and in Africa.


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  1. Great now I’m ever so hungry! My philosophy on pancakes is to always have the makings on hand and some frozen blueberries in the freezer. Short of that hopefully there’s an apple around.