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The Color Purple!

In this article I will feature what I believe is the color purple, meaning basically anything from pink to blue, along with some fun facts about the color purple you might not know.

I will begin with this photo I took and picked for the cover of dawn from my back yard.

Fact: Purple is mixed by using blue and red, it is also a non-spectral color and does not have its own wavelength of light.

Photo: Sunset from orange, pink to purple from my back yard.

Fact: Nobility, Luxury and Ambition are all associated with the color purple.

Photo: A subtle color of purple in this sunset seen from my back yard.

Fact: There is a sea snail called the “Murex” and it’s Latin name is “purpura” meaning purple.

Photo: This is called Blue Eyed Grass

Fact: Murex Snail  is a tropical snail that they used the mucus glands and originally was how they got the color purple.

Photo: Wild Radish has purple flowers shown below.

Fact: Because purple dye was so hard to acquire it became the royal color in many parts of the world.

Photo: More wild radish.

Fact: Purple is the hardest color for the humane eye to distinguish, and there are no purple eyes.

Photo: Unknown flower, and a photo edit.

Fact: Julius Caesar declared only the Emperor could wear purple.

Photo: Algerian Sea Lavender used in floral arrangements.

Fact: The purple heart is a metal awarded to soldiers hurt or killed in action in the United States.

Photo: Meika enjoying a doggy cupcake for her first birthday.

Fact: The purple heart honor was established in 1782 by George Washington.

Photo: My daughter in law has purple highlights in her hair.

Fact: Stones that are purple. Purple Rocks man! Amethyst, Ametrine, Sugilite, Lavender Jade, Lavender Quartz,  Lolite, Lepidolite, and Selenite.

Photo: Pink purple flowers

Fact: Roman Emperors were called, “The Purple” due to color of their robes.

Photo: Another sunset

Fact: Purple denotes virtue and faith in Egypt.

Photo: Purple hair!

Fact: Purple eyes are not possible for humans, but Heterochromia is, meaning two different colored eyes.

Photo: My daughter in law has purple hair and Heterochromia eyes one is lighter than the other.

Fact: In the United States of America a “purple state” is a state that has an equal number of Republicans and Democrats.

Photo: Art edit on a Wild Radish.

Fact: Leonardo da Vinci believed that purple light coming from stained glass increased the power of meditation by 10 times.

Photo: Blue eyed grass.

Fact: Purple is the highest denomination in Poker. The purple chip is worth 5k.

Photo: Photoart

Fact: Purple prose is an elaborately written paragraph or poem.

Photo: Purple sunset.

Fact: Purple has a calming effect in the garden.

Photo: Lupine

Fact: Purple plants visually recede in the garden making small spaces look bigger.

Photo: Drive by snap of purple wild flowers.

Fact: Yellow compliments purple in the garden.

Photo: Woody Nightshade

Fact: The “Purple Orchid Three” is a purple sweet potato.

Photo: Driving snap

Fact: Eggplant is purple.

Photo: Unknown Vine.

Fact: Concord grapes are purple.

Photo: Sacred Datura in the rain.

Fact: Purple Haze is a purple carrot.

Photo: Daisies

Fact: Lavender plant is said to be stress relieving and was one of the first scents used by perfume makers.

Photo: A full rainbow taken in Gulf Breeze Florida.

That’s all for the color purple..

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Written by Kim_Johnson


    • Thank you, I took a photo yesterday which portrays the purple being hardest to see. I will get to editing them later. Might make a random short walk post, if they came out okay.

  1. It’s a special post! Purple is a special color. Referring to the plot of light intensity as a function of frequency or wavelength, when the wavelength is shortened through purple light, it is found ultraviolet, x-ray, and gamma rays.
    In the case of human auras, purple aura means inner maturity. The thicker the purple, the higher the intensity and intensity of his soul communication with God. People with a purple aura are usually proven to be diligent in worship which is really transcendent and immanent. Really worship that managed to know his identity and who his God. This special color is also manifested from the seventh chakra of humans. The man whose seventh chakra was wide open was a remarkable human being even though the band he liked was Deep Purple and not a religious songs.

      • I feel it, Kim. I think indigo and purple are very close. If the ability of indigo, or often also called the ability of the sixth sense is more dominant comes from the sixth energy center, while the spiritual awareness comes from the center of energy to 7. Not all the indigo open its seventh energy center, then, indigo often called psychic while those with spiritual awareness (also generally have indigo abilities though often not exposed) are called xyz… you know…