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We Are All Going Bananas!

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Bananas seem so ordinary these days, but there are still people around who remember when they were exotic, and considered an expensive luxury (back in the Stone Age, I believe this was).   Here in the UK, they are generally considered to be the country’s favourite fruit, but they are also the ones which are the most frequently chucked away.  How times have changed.  In fact, 1.4 million of them are thrown in the bin every day here, believe it or not! But there is another way…. Here are some tips for using up bananas before they turn into those unappealing brown, squishy, inedible lumps:

  1. Browning bananas are great chopped up and made into smoothies. Blitz them with some Greek-style  yoghurt and peanut butter, and you can also add other fruits and coconuts.

2) Drop slices of bananas on  American-style pancakes when they are in the pan. The slices then become deliciously caramelised while cooking, and they go beautifully with maple syrup when the pancakes are served.

3) Very ripe bananas are great in baking – vegans like me often use them as an egg substitute, as they help to bind the mixture together.  So you can add them to flapjacks, muffins, or fairy cakes or make the classic moist and fruity banana bread.

So there you go: no excuse for binning bananas so frequently, if you follow the above tips! However, one way you can stop a bunch of  bananas from premature browning is to wrap a piece of tin foil around the stalk end.  This spot is where the picked banana absorbs the air necessary for oxidation, so by cutting the air supply, you can stop the rot! Simple but ingenious, eh?


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Written by Maggie Bailey


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  1. When I have overripe bananas on hand, I like using them in my zucchini bread.

    Incidentally, the ripening process can be slowed down by wrapping a little bit of aluminum foil around the stem ends. To speed up the ripening process, separate the individual bananas from the hand or bunch. Nearly all bananas are shipped underripe and green.

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