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Oreo Cookies and World Peace

I have two brothers that are younger than me.  They each had a favorite cookie to go with a glass of cold milk. One liked graham crackers. The other liked Oreo cookies.  I didn’t have a favorite because whatever cookies were in the cupboard were fine by me. But my brothers made me think. Should I choose sides? I sided with the brother that liked Oreos.

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Ever wonder about the things people do with Oreo cookies?  They do more than dunk ’em and eat them with an ice cold glass of milk.  Go to Twitter and type “Oreo” in the search box. You’ll be amazed!

Food fun facts and trivia: 

  • For your information, there is such as thing as World Peace Cookies. Oreo cookies are not an ingredient, but surely we can take liberties and modify the recipe. After all, it is for world peace. 


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    • What’s even better is that Oreos have evolved. They come in “variety”. They even have rainbow oreo cookies with different colors of icing. When I was a kid there was the traditional white icing.