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ABC Desserts ~ Devils Food Cake

Continuing once again with my new series, ABC Desserts. 

Devils Food Cake

Funny name for such a delicious dessert. Agreed?

After researching I found some interesting facts about this dessert. First of all I wondered what is the difference between this dessert and chocolate cake. And here is what I learned.

While chocolate cake usually calls for melted chocolate, devil’s food cake relies on the rich flavor of cocoa powder, and sometimes coffee, for its robust, chocolatey taste. 

Devil’s food cake is supposed to be darker and less sweet than other kinds of chocolate cake.

The extra dose of baking soda not only raises the ph levels giving this cake its deep dark color, but also makes it just a little bit fluffier in texture. To make the most “chocolately” of cakes, some recipes call for melted chocolate, cocoa powder and extra baking soda. Not sure what name that cake gets, but certain that it’s a winner.

So what’s the deal with the devil? As the story goes, traditional devil’s food cake in the early 20th century called for shredded beets to add moisture and sweetness to the cake. That infusion of beet-red color and the richness led to the devilish name because, you know, the devil is red and wants you to indulge with hedonistic abandon.

Now you know the rest os the story! Or so the story goes. 🙂

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Written by Carol DM


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  1. First, how can something that tastes so good have such a wicked name? 🙂

    Favorite cake, well he easy button is the piece in front of me!

    But, if i were to choose, and could only have a small piece, it would always be carrot cake!

  2. My favorite has always been German Chocolate Cake since I was a kid. My grandmother used to make a homemade one from scratch that was the best I’ve had to this date. I sure wish I had her recipe!


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