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Delicious Bulgarian Moussaka

One of my favourite Bulgarian dishes is “musaka / moussaka“. It’s actually of Arabian origin and it’s eaten in many countries, but our version is different because it’s prepared with potatoes instead of eggplants.

Bulgarian musaka is made of potatoes, minced meat and spices, and it’s covered with a top layer of flour, eggs and yogurt. Read more about Bulgarian yogurt here.

I found this youtube video that shows the traditional recipe.

However, at home, we make it a little bit differently. Maybe I’ll share our recipe soon too.

If you are interested in Bulgaria, check out one of my favorite places here.


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  1. yeah, it looks good. i want to try it in the future. but i want to veganize it. maybe i will use potatoes, eggplant, vegan raw milk, creamy cashews, and flour. or, i might just do vegetarian version and use regular milk and yogurt…

          • athens, the islands, we went everywhere. it was august 1986, and i went with my now late parents. i took a photo sitting on a camel. then, i went riding on a donkey, but i felt sorry for the donkey because he looked very think like he was starving to death. it looked like in bad shape. i felt sorry for the animals in greece. i hope the people there are taking care of them now.

        • I think the things have changed because I haven’t seen such animals. There are places with stray dogs and cats (unfortunately, it’s the same in Bulgaria too). The natural and historic places are worth visiting though!

          • yeah, i think you are right, because a couple of years ago, i was chatting with a woman in greece while playing yahoo scrabble, and she said people are better now, and they are working on helping these animals. they were working on changing things.

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